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Psychotherapy provides a supportive place allowing one to talk openly with someone who is objective, neutral and nonjudgmental. The most effective factors in psychotherapy is empathy- that is, having a compassionate listener. In addition, trust and a good fit between the working pair is important.

Many forms of therapy are helpful and useful. I ascribe to an eclectic model of therapy, mixing different approaches based on the different situations. Overall, I function as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, helping one see how they contribute to their own problems. When helping someone with medication, I still act as a therapist but may use supportive therapy, not addressing deeper issues.

I favor Object Relations theory, placing an emphasis on ways in which we might love or even hate people in our lives. We connect the patient’s past, current life, and experience with me to understand how old patterns interfere with changing oneself or one’s perspectives.


“The attitude of the psychotherapist is infinitely more important than the theories and methods of psychotherapy.” – Carl Gustav Jung